Galvadia Version 0.1.6b

Round * 10 is now added to gold output, increasing gold output slightly due to number of rounds.

!who now properly shows the different battle classes.

Better NPC damage scaling, fixed an error where you damage could error out to bad min,max random value inputs.

Galvadia Version 0.1.6a

Fixed !help being overloaded with too much text.

Fixed rankings which were accidentally showing damage and not tank rank.

Galvadia Version 0.1.6 - The Class Update

When a discord user enters a server, their character will now be created automatically. For users already in the server, on player wipes they will still need to create a character with !stats.

This should hopefully help ease new players into the game.

Classes are now in the game.

!war or !b or !warrior will begin battling as a warrior

Warriors will be getting two spells in the next update, provoke and a life drain spell. Warriors gain 1 hp every 2 levels.

Clerics have a 20 percent chance of getting hit. Wizards have a 30 percent chance of getting hit. Warriors have a 50 percent chance of getting hit.

!wizard or !wiz will start battling as a wizard.

Wizards can cast spells in the Spell phase, currently only fireball is implemented. Wizards gain 1 magic shield every 10 levels.

Wizards can cast fireball, lighting and blizzard. All just do extra damage at the moment, however in the future these spells will be wildly different.

!cleric or !cle will start battling as a cleric

Clerics can cast healing and revive in the Spell phase. Clerics gain 1 mana every 10 levels.

Mana and Mana Regeneration orbs are now in the game. They are used to cast spells. The mana cost is equal to the spell level you have.

For instance if you have revive 5, revive costs 5 mana.

Every user starts with 5 mana and 1 mana regeneration.

Magic Shield Regeneration is now a spell and costs mana to use, it is the last part of the Spell phase and uses whatever mana you have left to regenerate.

Mana Regeneration is the very last part of the spell phase.

Fixed tradeskills crit chance accidentally using battle crit chance.

Fixed damage not resetting to 0 between multistrike causing compounding damage, fixed for both battlers and tradeskillers.

Every stat for users and npc is now a 64 bit integer to prevent overflows in the future.

Wave Amplifier starting at wave 100, amplifies all npc stats and damage starts scaling with number of players. Wave 100 is where the game really begins.

Wave Amplifier = 1 at wave 100, the number of items that can drop is from 1 to Wave Amplifier +1

Fixed bug where builders did not cost any gold. Builders now properly cost 10,000 gold to recruit.

Fixed a bug where npc damage would compound when it should not.

NPC should no longer multi-strike a user again after the NPC just killed that user.

NPC stats now scales much better with number of players and wave increases.

Fixed a bug where too many orbs could be used and orbs were not adding up correctly either.

Removed gold nerf for dead players as this may inadvertantly effect some classes more than others.

Gold buff substantially to be more in line with tradeskillers, more gold in the economy.

Elites now drop 5 times more gold.

Drop chances are no longer based on mob type. Drop chances have increased 1 in 10, to 1 in 5 for battlers do to increased rounds and 1 in 7 for tradeskillers.

New Building Oculus gives +20 orb slots for tradeskillers and battlers.

In the future, you will be able to set a primary and secondary spell, to better prioritize what you want to use.

Special Thanks to Astrum, Tazgosh, Fire, Belisama, Immortal, seasong, Kaii, Blah TheSpottedOwl, Addison and everybody else who helped in testing phases to get us to this point.

Galvadia Version 0.1.3a

Fixed issue with characters not being created properly with !stats.

Created an admin command !shutdown which safely saves all user data and shuts down the server.

Galvadia Version 0.1.3

All player data is now stored in memory temporarily then periodically saved to the database. This will prevent asynchronous call issues and overwriting of data.

This could prevent data from being saved in the few seconds before shutdown, but is far superior than items or stats randomly disappearing due to race conditions, especially in higher player counts.

Building gold costs have returned to their normal value equal to building resource costs.

Fixed issue with tradeskill xp not resetting.

This patch will likely cause some issues with commands not working properly. I have not had extensive time to test every single command.

Please let me know as soon as you find an issue.

Galvadia Version 0.1.2f

Levels work differently now. Experience resets to 0 except for what is leftover when you level up.

Added !level to be able to better monitor levels and experience, so players understand that battle waves reached are important for everyone including tradeskillers.

Everyones xp stats got set to 0, but your ill gotten levels will remain. I will be balancing this as we go.

Galvadia Version 0.1.2e

Changed xp required to level from level^2 to level^1.5

Galvadia Version 0.1.2d

Experience Boosters were calculating incorrectly and causing integer overflows in some cases on some characters.

Experience booster was also incorrectly calcualted for tradeskillers although this did not stop them from leveling.

We should be back to normal now and boosters should be working correctly.

Galvadia Version 0.1.2c

Fixed a bug with woodcutter always building in 15 minutes.

Some additional information in !donate

Galvadia Version 0.1.2b

Tome of Drop now doubles magic find as well.

Galvadia Version 0.1.2a

There is now a very small percentage chance you will find jade while tradeskilling or battling. Possible drops are 1, 3 and 5 jade.

Treasury is now 5 to 10 times more effective for battlers.

Missing commas on market transactions and on player health and shield.

Boosts now notify in global who used the boosts, how many and for how long.

Fixed a bug where boosts would not calculate the time from the quantity used.

Galvadia Version 0.1.2

Tome of Experience, craftable at Enchanter Level 2.

When used grants 15 minutes of double experience points to everyone.

Tome of Drop, craftable at Enchanter Level 2.

When used grants 15 minutes double gold drops, resource drops and ingredient drops to everyone.

!Who displays when double boost and double drop ends.

!Realm now shows countdown timer for construction instead of datetime.

Galvadia Version 0.1.1d

Increase drop rate for essences to be better in line with battlers, since tradeskillers don't have elites.

Increase !recruit 1 builder cost from 5000 to 10000 gold.

Increase gold cost for not tradeskill buildings slightly.

!build fast is now just !speedup to use a builder to speed up a building construction by 15 minutes.

Temple now 50 times more effective at increasing drop rate.

Galvadia Version 0.1.1c - Tradeskill Debuff

Jade is now marketable

Tradeskillers now debuffed max by / 2


Int64 min_damage = u.realm_farm + u.tradeskill_min_strike + (u.farming_level / 4);

Int64 max_damage = (u.farming_level / 2) + u.realm_farm;

if (max_damage <= min_damage)


max_damage = min_damage;



Galvadia Version 0.1.1b - Tradeskill Buff

Tradeskillers now fully BUFFED

Int64 min_damage = u.realm_quarry + u.tradeskill_min_strike + (u.stonecutter_level / 2);

Int64 max_damage = u.stonecutter_level + u.realm_quarry;

Galvadia Version 0.1.1a - The Builder Update patch

You can check the cost of all realm buildings by typing !build cost

Updated help files to reflect some of the changes over the last few patches. If you see something out of date, please let me know.

Slightly reduced speed at which peasants are recruited.

Galvadia Version 0.1.1 - The Builder Update

You will now randomly recruit peasants into your realm while tradeskilling and battling.

You can now !recruit <qty> builder to recruit a builder from your peasant pool. Each builder costs 5000 gold.

!build fast will use a builder and save you 15 minutes off your building time.

Houses are a new realm building that only cost gold to build. However their cost to build grows extremely fast.

All buildings base time cost is 30 minutes up from 15 minutes.

This is a testbed for the potential of more "workers" in the future.

Galvadia Version 0.1.0a - The Tradeskiller Update

Small buff to tradeskill output, level is divided by 2 instead of 3 for max output

Ranking rewards now require you to be above 0 in a rank just as the leaderboard shows to get a reward.

This can obviously be gamed by switched actions to every action then switching back to your main action to get on the leaderboard.

I will try to think of ways to better handle this in the future.

Reduced gold multiplier from rankings from 1000 to 100 to better test the economy as it stands.

Added essence emojis.

Information channel updated to show new essence markets.

Galvadia Version 0.1.0 - The Tradeskiller Update

Small buff to tradeskill output, level is divided by 3 instead of 4 for max output

Orb of Tradeskill Minimum Strike - adds 1 to your minimum strike roll.

Orb of Tradeskill Critical Strike - adds 1 percent to your critical strike roll.

Orb of Tradeskill Critical Strike Chance - adds 1 percent to your critical strike chance roll.

Orb of Tradeskill Multi strike - adds 1 to your tradeskill mutlistrike stat.

Multistrike works the same way as battling, Multistrike chance is 1 to your multistrike. So you only have a chance to multistrike.

Tradeskill essences drop now for all tradeskillers which are used to craft the above orbs.

These essences are marketable, orbs will come to the market next as well jade.

Tradeskill Orbs Used are based on your highest tradeskill level.

Orbs of Action no longer use an orb slot.

Tradeskill buildings only buff min and max tradeskill output and no longer give xp.

Academy now works for tradeskillers, giving tradeskiller +1 xp per level per round.

Temple now works for tradeskillers, giving tradeskillers +1 magic find per level, this helps with finding essences for tradeskillers.

You can now only have 1 market order for each item tag. All previous orders will stay up, but it will not allow you to make more until you cancel all previous ones for that item tag.

!market orders now shows up to 15 orders from each side.

Galvadia Version 0.0.9e

Hotfix for market matching.

Patch tomorrow will fix actions orbs using slots and I will refund slots used for this purpose.

Galvadia Version 0.0.9d

User actions are now awaited, items could have been lost before do to asynchronous data calls, they are now awaited.

Jade is now for sale, you can type donate to buy Jade or become a subscriber and get jade more cheaply monthly and get the Subscriber role.

Orb of Action now costs 30. This puts the cost of 1 minute an action at $1. This is definitely subject to change and rate limits may force actions to be longer in the future.

Orb of Action tradeable on the market.

Orb of Action available at Enchanter 1.

Purchased Jade will be reimbursed on future player wipes.

Please PM for now until I setup webhooks when you purchase something, otherwise I may not get to it until later.

Galvadia Version 0.0.9c

Economic Balanace Changes

Gold Output now has an added modifier. Battle level / 4 is added to the max output, so battle level plays into gold output, just as tradeskill level plays into output.

Tradeskillers output is now divided by 4 from their level instead of 2 resulting in a nerf.

Reduced xp bonuses from buildings, their values are no longer multiplied by two. This will slow down leveling.

Tradeskill buildings now cost way more gold, exponentially higher than other buildings.

This is to temporarily give tradeskillers a reason to sell resources for gold so they have a gold sink just like battlers.

These changes were made due to the economy steadily moving to too many resources to too few gold in the economy.

As of this change, their is more resources than gold in the entire economy, resulting in resources effectively becoming worthless.

Battlers have a ton of gold sinks, therefore they don't focus on building. The market has too few resources in it, due to tradeskillers having no reason for gold.

This will cause gold to scale more with resource output, should stabilize prices and demand in the future.

I'm working on ideas to make tradeskilling more interesting, I think tradeskillers are going to get an extremely rare resource of their own which will be required for legendary orb crafting.

I think tradeskillers will likely get some orbs of their own as well.

Markets now show commas.

Galvadia Version 0.0.9b

Added commas to inventory.

Fixed a bug with revive ranking.

Jade icon added.

Jade added to inventory.

Galvadia Version 0.0.9a

Fixed a bug where global got spammed with the same building message over and over.

Fixed a bug where market orders weren't displaying in the new channel

Galvadia Version 0.0.9

Implemented Daily Ranking Rewards. Rewards will be served out in the global channel every day at 8:00pm EST. Server time is available in !who.

Rank 1-3: 10 Jade, 10000 gold

Rank 4-5: 8 Jade, 8000 gold

Rank 5-10: 5 Jade, 5000 gold

Everybody else, 2 Jade, 2000 gold

For Each Category

Highest Battle Wave achieved for the server now shows in !who, !who has an alias of !server, !servertime.

New users now start with 100 gold so they build a tradeskill building to start.

Fixed bug where building finished output would not output to global.

Now a trade channel for discussing trade and a market channel where Galvadia Bot will post market transactions.

Commas now separate several numbers, I am sure I am missing some somewhere.

The game now only outputs embeds, so it's now pretty obvious what is a user and what is the Galvadia Bot.

Fixed an error in the message batching for messages over 2000 characters. It appears to batch out message properly at least when I tested.

There were a lot of code changes in this update preparing for the future, let me know if you see something broken that was working before.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8k

!stats will now update your discord tag if you have changed it.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8j

Fixed an issue with critical strikes, critical heals and other numbers not being "random" enough.

Other random numbers had already been switched to a cryptographic random number generator.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8i

Based on some projections on the current economy, here are some economic based balance changes.

Drastically reduced gold cost of buildings, it now scales better with gold output.

Increased slightly base gold by 10.

This may give tradeskillers an advantage for now, but tradeskillers need a gold sink like battlers have, so I'll be looking into that.

Building new buildings should be significantly easier to achieve for both groups.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8h

Buffed healing proc chance from 50% to 85%.

Tons of code reorganization and setup for tracking highest wave reached and upcoming daily ranking rewards.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8g

Users who are battling but are dead during the loot phase get half the gold they normally would.

Fixed display issue for rankings showing users with 0.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8f

!who command shows active users and server time

Market Orders now display correctly. Sell Orders oldest, lowest price are at the bottom, Buy orders oldest, highest price at the top.

The middle line or the Bid/Ask Line shows the orders attempting to meet in the middle.

When you look at the order list, orders closest to the bid ask line (the middle line) are the ones that will trigger on a first in first out basis.

Essentially this means the orders closed to the middle line will be executed first before anyone elses.

Oldest lowest prices orders are always priority. I've added this information to the !market command to help players understand the system.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8e

Slight improvement to market command output.

Wire command should be working again.

Market Orders should now be first in first out.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8f

Fixed an error where market information would not post to trade channel.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8e

Fixed another market order exploit, orders can no longer ever be filled twice.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8d

Emergency patch to fix !cancel market order exploit.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8c

!market orders shows all of your current orders.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8b

Slight buff to ingredient drop rate.

Galvadia Version 0.0.8a

Added many icons for various items

Fixed bug where characters could get stuck in limbo if dead.

Fixed bug where wave amplifier would start at Wave 2

Spelling errors

Galvadia Version 0.0.8

Daily Rankings now accessible through !rank command.

Information Channel now displays random tips, market information and rankings.

Added three buildings.

Academy gives battlers +1 xp per building level, just like tradeskill buildings.

Temple gives +1 magic find per building level.

Treasury gives +1 gold find per building level.

Orbs usage is now limited by your battle leve, the amount of orbs you use cannot exceed your battle level.

Unified command structure to be similar everywhere. !realm build command is now just !build

Database no longer uses usernames as a unique identifier due to the fact that names can change and unicode is a beast as well.

Database now uses discord unique id for a user to identify them, usernames should update and allow unicode now.

This was also a potential security issue that could have allowed hijacking of accounts which is now prevented.

Thanks to rai for their glorious unicode username for helping me identify this critical issue.

Wave multiplier, every 100 waves all npc's stats are multiplied by 2. NPCs will get nasty.

This prevents just steam rolling through waves, creates a wall to work towards getting through and should prevent rampant gold inflation.

Fixed a bug where npc would keep hitting with multistrikes even after wave reset, causing players to start wave 1 not fully healed.

Increased orb of damage cost from 100 gold to 125 and 3 rubies to 5 rubies.

Almost everything has moved to embed styles.

Less commands throw user unfriendly errors when used incorrectly.

Users now successfully mine while tradeskilling if dead. Will look into a passive healing for everyone at some point.

Reduced emerald cost of healing and revive orbs.

Revive now heals other players +1% every 5 levels up to a maximum of 50%

Slightly boosted base gold loot.

I want to thank, Astrum, Fire, Immortal, rai and others for the help testing all these patches.

I would not have been able to identify some of these critical issues and balance issues without you.



Galvadia Version 0.0.7k

NPCs can now critical strike, they start with 5 percent crit chance and 50 percent damage, elites have double that.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7j

Damage reduced for npc, but npc now has the chance to multistrike based on number of players.

Elites will not spawn until wave 10 multistrike can 2 times more than normal npcs.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7i

Revive Chance now 25% instead of 50%

Action Cooldown is now 10 instead of 3.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7h

Healing now smartly tries to figure out who actually needs healing before healing.

Reviving now smartly tries to figure out who actually needs reviving before reviving.

Healing and reviving both have a 50% chance to trigger if there is someone to heal or revive.

Revive may need to be looked at for balancing in the future due to increase player counts

Players are now randomly ordered. This makes it so not just top player in the list won't always cancel out someone lower in the lists healing or revive.

This helps with the future Daily Ranking Reward System I am working on.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7g

NPC now generally have more health.

NPC health and damage scales with number of players fighting.

Damage scales slightly less sharply than NPC health.

Fix bug with Orb of Revive not crafting properly.

Made healing orbs slightly cheaper to craft.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7f

Emergency bug fix for quantity check failure

Galvadia Version 0.0.7e

All Gems and Fairy Dust now marketable.

Fixed text displaying building costs.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7d

Tradeskills now show as embeds

Code rewrites for efficiency.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7c

Tradeskill buildings now give an xp buff to xp gained from that type of tradeskill.

New formula is u.woodcutting_xp = u.woodcutting_xp + battle_wave + (u.realm_woodcutter * 3);

Galvadia Version 0.0.7b

Action Cooldown implemented, must wait 3 actions before changing actions.

More NPC Elite Names

Galvadia Version 0.0.7a

Two more !craft able items, critical damage orb and multi-strike orb!

Elites spawn slightly more frequently, ingredents drop slightly more frequently.

Galvadia Version 0.0.7

Bug with all level ups going way to fast, these are supposed to exponentially taper off.

I am setting everyone's levels back to 0 to see where this puts us as far tradeskills

Elite Mobs now spawn. They do 2 times damage, have 8 times health. Have the potential to drop 10 times gold and twice as likely to drop ingredients.

Galvadia Version 0.0.6d

Moved battle waves to embed, let me know what you think.

Moved !inventory to embed

Galvadia Version 0.0.6c

Moved !stats to an embed

Galvadia Version 0.0.6b

Text output batching to avoid 2000 character limit and still display a decent amount of information.

Will need to run mass test for future proofing.

Galvadia Version 0.0.6a

Changing combat system to avoid 2000 character limit. More changes may be needed here in the future for more players.

Galvadia Version 0.0.6

Added a market which acts similar to a real stock market.

Buy Orders and Sell Orders are placed.

The market maker then matches orders together to perform the transaction. Transactions will be posted in trade.

This sytem needs some extensive testing, so use at your own risk. Try selling small amounts at first or amounts you don't care about.

While I have tried to run tests on several scenarios, not every scenario has been tested.

Currently only stone, iron, food, wood can be bought and sold. More to come in the future.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5k

Fixed exponent mathmatical error when constructing buildings above level 1.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5j

Fixed error with level 2 enchanter crafting

Galvadia Version 0.0.5i

Fixed error with building not checking cost for wood or using wood.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5g

Fixed error with orb of damage crafting making the wrong check.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5f

Fixed display errors and bugs with stonecutting and mining.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5e

Just nerfed the shit out of ingredients

Galvadia Version 0.0.5d

Several commands would not take uppercase letters and now do.

Buffed gold output.

Further reduced ingredient output from Goblin.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5c

Fixed Woodcutter level not levelling up and not producing more resources

Galvadia Version 0.0.5b

Added wire command.

Fixed a bug with the woodcutter not building due to spelling error.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5a

Fixed two bugs with crafting not saving items or removing resources and not incrementing by the correct quantity.

Galvadia Version 0.0.5

Added gold icons and gold now shows in inventory.

Gold now drops every loot phase for everyone everytime.

Goblin no longer drops every ingredient on a drop.

Gems now properly show up in inventory.

Spelling errors fixed in help files.

Galvadia Version 0.0.4

Added command !realm

This shows the status of your realm's buildings

Added command !realm build <building>

This allows you to build buildings see !help realm for more info

Buildings take 15 minutes to build to level 1 and increase by 15 minutes every level.

Tradeskills require the relevant building to be level 1 to use the tradeskill.

All buildings only cost gold to build to level 1.

Added command !craft

This allows you to craft items, see !help crafting

Added ingredients, rubys, sapphires, emeralds and fairy dust drop and are used as crafting components.

Goblins can drop any ingredient.

Ghouls drop sapphires.

Demons drop rubys.

Kobolds drop emeralds.

Fairys drop fairy dust.

Added battle levels, which do nothing.

Trade skill levels increase the amount of resources you have the chance to get.

Orbs no longer drop from mobs, they must be craft using the enchaner.

Enchanter building is the crafting building, not all orbs in the game are available yet, but the important ones can be crafted.

Type !help enchanter or !help crafting for more info.

I forsee a lot of problems with this build, but it needs testing, thanks in advanced for all your help. - Caimen