Galvadia is an idle defense game, where you play as a warrior, wizard, cleric, woodcutter, miner, stonecutter or farmer or all of the above to help defeat waves of enemies trying attack Galvadia. Galvadia is a text game built entirely in discord and is leisurely stroll through old school text game in a new style. Sit back relax and hack through some mobs in this idle persistent text game.

Since the game is built in Discord, you can easily play in your browser, through the discord application or through the Discord app on your phone or tablet.

Building a character in Galvadia is unique. Instead of equipping items to improve your character with random stats, you pick what stats your character works towards. You build your character how you want to build your character.

Galavadia entered Beta phase on 6/12/2020. There will be a server and player wipe before release, which could be between 1 and 3 months away depending on issues and balance problems found in Beta. The current focus of the Beta is on Kingdoms which are a form of Guild where players work together to construct buildings that benefit the players in that kingdom.

Play Galvadia (Beta)!

Invite your friends, https://discord.gg/84SwpQh



All primary commands, what they do. Primary command is in blue, arguments for the command are in white.

You may need to type in !stats if your character needs to be created after a player wipe during these Alpha stages of the game.

Shows stats and other information about your character.

See how much experience points needed for next level.

Type !help crafting for more information.

Shows your inventory

Shows which spells you currently have selected, allows you to change which spells you use in combat.

Uses an orb, or many orbs to absorb them and give you powers. Examples '!use 1 ooh', use 1 orb of health, '!use all ooh' uses all available orbs of health, '!use all orbs', uses all available orbs.

- Gold, stone, food, iron and wood can be wired only.

Shows ranking for a particular group, <group> can be damage, tank, revive, healing, wood, stone, food, iron.

- Shows current number of active users online and server time.

- Allows you change options for your account. For instance you can turn on or off direct message notifications for certain events.

- Hunts treasure if a treasure map is activated. Treasure maps are found in battling and tradeskilling. Users attempting to find the treasure map will be shown in treasure channel. This acts a secondary action.


The commands needed to run your realm. Realm buildings improve your character and actions your character can do.

Shows your realm and the current buildings you have built.

Allows you to build or upgrade buildings in your realm.

Shows the cost to build or upgrade buildings in your realm.

Allows you to recruit from your peasants in your realm.

Allows you to use builders to speedup the construction of a building.


Kingdoms are a group of players who donate resources or are taxed resources to work together to build buildings that benefit everyone in the kingdom.

Shows your kingom, it's buildings, resources and members.

Allows you to build or upgrade buildings for your kingdom.

View the costs to upgrade buildings for your kingdom.

Join a kingdom.

Leave a kingdom.

Donate resources or gold to your kingdom.

Set kingdom taxes as a percentage between 0 and 10.


Your current action can be seen in !stats command. There is a 10 action cooldown between switching actions. Every player starts with 300 total actions. This amounts to about 2 hours of idle play time. Make sure to refresh your actions periodically.

Refreshes your actions. You start the game with 300 total actions, use refresh to refresh them.

Starts battling as a Warrior

Starts battling as a Wizard

Starts battling as a Cleric

Starts farming.

Starts mining.

Starts woodcutting.

Starts stonecutting.

Allows you to heal over time. 10 health per healing phase, 5 magic shield per healing phase.


The market is a buy/sell order system. The market maker will periodically check for matches and completed orders will be posted in the market channel.

Shows all commands for the market.

Shows all of your buy and sell orders on the market.

Creates a buy order at the limit price for an item

Creates a sell order at the limit price for an item


Discord Channel Descriptions

Use this channel to watch waves of enemies, extensive use of commands should be done in commands channels.

Use this channel to !rest, !mine, !farm and !chop wood in.

The global channel posts rankings, tips and market information.

The global channel posted the Daily Rankings at 8pm and their rewards along with completion of buildings and players using Tomes of Experiences and Tomes of Drop.

Completed market transactions will appear in this channel.

All treasure hunting related information is provided here.

If using a lot of commands please use one of these channels to avoid spam in game channel.

Use this channel for general chat, memes or strategy.

Use this channel to trade or x-trade in.

Post whatever you want here.

Use this channel to post suggestions or report bugs.

Changelog for any updates made to the game.

Battle Classes


The warrior is the primary tank, their job is to absorb damage for the Clerics and Wizards.

Gains 1 magic shield every 10 levels.

Gains 1 health every 2 levels.

Will be gaining spells in the future.

Has a 50% chance of being attacked.


The Cleric is the healer, their job is to keep everyone alive to get to the higher battle waves.

Gains 1 magic shield every 10 levels.

Gains 1 mana every 3 levels.

Will use revive or healing spells if you have enough mana and the appropriate skill level in those spells.

Has a 20% chance of being attacked.


The Wizard is the primary damage dealer, their job is make quick work of the enemy.

Gains 1 magic shield every 10 levels.

Gains 1 mana every 3 levels.

Will use fireball, lightning, blizzard spells if you have enough mana and the appropriate skill level in those spells.

Has a 30% chance of being attacked.

Tradeskill Classes


Produces stone


Produces wood


Produces food


Produces iron